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In addition to the spare parts logistics center in East China (Shanghai), Shanghai Mitsubishi has also established large logistics sub-centers in North China, Central China, South China, and Southwest China.
There are nearly a hundred branches and nearly a thousand maintenance sites nationwide, stocking a wide variety of spare parts.
Through the fast delivery network, you can truly experience the fast and fast service "without the network, at your fingertips"

It is your wise choice to use original spare parts

Complete stock

We prepare hundreds of thousands of spare parts for maintenance users. Meanwhile, our spare parts management warehouse management system will track changes in the inventory of each component in real time, and automatically trigger replenishment order when the inventory is consumed below the warning line, hence maintaining inventory at a level of high-quality service. Even if the original model parts suspend production due to supplier reasons, Shanghai Mitsubishi will store in bulk before production suspension, and even rely on its strong development, design and manufacturing capability to ensure the supply of full-functional replacement parts.

Original quality

Shanghai Mitsubishi’s spare parts must undergo several rigorous inspections from manufacturing to warehousing, to ensure compliance with original design and manufacturing standard, as well as the same quality as original parts of your elevator. Likewise, the original parts you purchase are also entitled to the same after-sales warranty service as the product sold. Given high imitation in the appearance of fake and inferior parts on the market, please visit the recommended merchants on official website to purchase parts, as the quality essentially varies, which often cause safety hazards to elevators.

Fast delivery worldwide

Spare parts distribution network stretches across world. As needed, you may choose DHL Express to reach out to the world quickly, or air transportation for fast and affordable delivery, and moreover sea transportation for large and heavy items




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